*Simutransのバージョン [#a4ff8cfa]

**2005/06/03 [#zb483276]
Never say never. But probably the bug with the signals at the depot exit ist gone ... 

**2005/06/03 [#ucabcf50]
Mainly bugfixes and further internal clean up/more secure data types. Will be the last update for at least two weeks. 

**2005/05/28 [#b49e651a]
Only new programs needed. There rest can be taken from 86.03.1.

**2005/05/24 [#i3e5439a]
The 86.03 had two serious bugs: Convois with more than two cars could cause crashes, Pause could hang or cause crashes. Also the display is now much smoother, playable even on a pentium 120.

**2005/05/22 0.86.03 [#sf70883b]
95% bugfixing. I just played around with some smaller thingies: 
- larger maps (beware 2048x2048 need about 1GB of memory and about 55min to generate on my old machine) 
- longer trains (up to 24) 
- many many bugfixes with the depot (new tabs, retirement, redraw errors), so I may have introduced many new errors 
- citycars can now change with age 
- support for station building added 
- atomatically build a support for post offices (and station buildings) on slopes 

**2005/05/12 [#had30386]
Another bugfix, mainly to set production right. Also the zooming may look nicer.

**2005/05/07 [#cfa8d743]
The 86.02 has to medium seriuos bugs. 
- good distribution: everything was going to the next empty factory. Now it will be evenly distributed again. 
- passengers: no more passenger going to the starting stops 
- station type display had errors after loading a game 

**2005/05/03 0.86.02 [#x9700618]
The 86.02 is mainly a bugfix, i.e. for UTF8 tab-files and other. However, the factories now produces no longer per tile. This means old base files will load correct, but for the very new files with different passenger levels you need this new version. Also it means finer tuning of production values by factory designer. Also some routing errors should be corrected, and very close factories are now again connected by a joint station. 

**2005/04/20 0.86.01 [#ue253e3e]
The 86.01 has a nearly complete rewritten passenger routing. As a result, the number of passangers to and from and attraction will be the same. Every passanger, that finds a route to such an attraction will travel back. Mail back will be 8x Mail to this attraction. This comes free, actually even decreases the amout of computer power considerably. For a passenger to arrive or start at a factory, it is ok, that the catchment area of the station just touches this factory. 

The industry increase in now exponential be 2^x times the factor in cityrules.tab. 

The other things were mainly not visible, like the reworking of the simloop/FPS and the step system, but will result in smoother game loops and lees resource hungry. 

The rest are many stupid bugs, which were removed ... 

**2005/04/12 [#q00c8c24]
86.00.2 had a serious bug and was crashing often on several machines. Here is a quick fix, which also corrected the number of passenger from attractions. 

**2005/04/09 [#ge0ac5ba]
Here is another bugfix with some new graphacis and still a little faster. 

**2005/03/28 [#tac2b675]
Due to the big resonance here is the 86.00.1. Unfourtunately, my Linux is now really unusable, so here is only the windows version. It contains the executable and the pak files for 64-Trams. 

Changes were: 
Zooming on demand now working => zoom also the 128 as fast as you roll your mousewheel. (However, the display may look a little strange for a moment ... ) Also made the screencopy a little faster. 

Further reduced the amount of data transfered during a single update. 

Station coverage is now configurable in simuconf.tab. (see example in the files). Beware: Savegames created with a larger coverage area will be useless! Old versions used 3, newer default is 2. 

I forgot to mention in the 86.00: new entry "tree_info" in simuconf.tab (again, see file), to switch of the tree info dialog. 

Finally, I hopefully removed the bug, that the wrong industry were taking good that did not belong to it. And you can now remove docks. 

**2005/03/25 0.86.00( buggy ) [#w2f48512]
This is the version 86.00. It is an big overhaul of the image drawing, and probably very buggy. This is mostly for testing, not for playing. It also contains an older state of the tram code. If you load an old game with trams and you have the according paks, then trams may run also in this version. I do not have trams, therefore I really do not know. 

Biggest thing is a considerable improvement of performance and reduction of memory consumption. Pak128 will consume up to 70MB less memory, and map with many passengers will run much faster. Also the zooming was really accellerated. 

Other features are: 
- presignal 
- more than two stations, bus stops, habour, post offices 
- customized icons and cursors for player buildings 
- slightly rearranged main menu (post office now in the special tools) 
- changes of the ground and tree tiles according to the time of years (but currently on the newest japan pak has the graphics) 
- 'v' display the coverage area of a station 
- townhall has an info-window 
- city has now growth statistics and a history 
- finance window changed 

**2005/02/23 安定 ) [#m2e3d6ee]
This the version 85.04 of Simutrans. I consider this version as stable and suitable for those players, who hunger for the newest features. 

I renovated further the 64 graphics and did a lot of bug-hunting. For strategy now the corrected passenger values are most important. They are now also shown for factories. Second are the fact, that public road will be public for all times. Third, the vehicle acceleration was slightly changed, i.e. the drag was increased four times by the contant weight penality changed from 16 to a weight dependent value. Finally, many small errors were removed, and the random crashes during map scrolling, especially with unicode (japanese) should be gone. 

Please delete a file "simworld.cfg" in your main directory for all messages to appear, if you upgrade from a version before 85.03.3. 

**2005/02/14 0.85.04 [#v4193f26]
This the version 85.04 of Simutrans. I consider this version as stable and suitable for those players, who hunger for the newest features. 
Please delete a file "simworld.cfg" in your main directory for all messages to appear, if you upgrade from a version before 85.03.3. 

**2005/02/11 preview [#b23267dd]
This is the simutrans preview 

Since the early 0.85.03 had some errors, here the version for this weekend testing. 

This version still include no trams. Otherwise old savegames are still compatible downto to 0.84.10. Old games still load. Due to and error in 0.85.03, you may want to delete your simworld.cfg. Or you might not get any messages. 

No new base package needed. Use version 0.85.02 instead. 

Important changes to 85.02 

A transformer of a power station will double the power station consumption. Thus you can only connect one or two transformers to a powerstation otherwise production will outrun supply. As a result, one have to think, which industry to supply with power an which not. Power production is proportional to the base power station production. 

Passenger generation and city growth was too high and depending very much on the number of stops built. They are now closer to earlier values. 

UNDO is available. You can undo your latest track- or road-building by the 'z' key. This is still an experimental feature. 

Finances window is now also available for AI. 

Other things are mostly bugfixing and using libstdc++3 for Lunix. (Not sure, how well this is working.) 

Hopefully we are reaching some stable version for players next time.  

**2005/02/06 preview 0.85.03 [#oa0645c2]
**2005/02/03 preview 0.85.02 [#e8eccf3b]
**2005/01/23 preview [#r0d6dd4e]
**2005/01/16 preview 0.85.00 [#c0ac5d81]
**2005/01/07 preview 0.84.22 [#qffc3ce4]