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Pages linked below are written both in Japanese and English.
(Some items are not yet translated, maybe performed later.)
#ref(Addon128/Train 1/series0.gif,around,nolink,right,the bullet train "shin-kan-sen", one of the world fastest. This is the first type and already retired) 
Downloads are available directly from each pages' links,
shown with thumbnails.

#ref(アドオン/建物1/shiro.gif,around,nolink,70%,"shiro", Japanese castle of the old samurai era)
#ref(アドオン/列車5/eurostar.png,around,nolink,right,an electric car for a local line, rumored to be build by the money of the national energy policy)
Now vehicle addons are over 100, 
mainly designs which really exist in Japanese domestic lines,
with accurate properties.
#ref(Addon128/Train 1/dc22_128a.png,around,nolink,right,a diesel car of good-old days, which ran mainly on the local lines in the red)
Original buildings, real-shaped maps, 
and addons for the forthcoming 128x128 pixel set are also available.
New addons are posted almost everyday!

***Addon 64 [#g6a61150]
-[[''Train addons 1''>アドオン/列車1]] JR (Japan Railway, formerly JNR: Japan National Railways)
-[[''Train addons 2''>アドオン/列車2]] Private Railways
-[[''Train addons 3''>アドオン/列車3]] a sequel to the trains 1 and 2
-[[''Train addons 4''>アドオン/列車4]]
-[[''Train addons 5''>アドオン/列車5]]
-[[''Train addons 6''>アドオン/列車6]]
-[[''Train addons 7''>アドオン/列車7]]
-[[''Train addons 8''>アドオン/列車8]]
-[[''Train addons 9''>アドオン/列車9]]
-[[''Train addons 10''>アドオン/列車10]]
-[[''Train addons 11''>アドオン/列車11]]
-[[''Train addons 12''>アドオン/列車12]]
-[[''Train addons 13''>アドオン/列車13]]
-[[''Train addons 14''>アドオン/列車14]]
-[[''Train addons 15''>アドオン/列車15]]
-[[''Train addons 16''>アドオン/列車16]]
-[[''Train addons 17''>アドオン/列車17]]
-[[''Train addons 18''>アドオン/列車18]]
-[[''Train addons 19''>アドオン/列車19]]
-[[''Train addons 20''>アドオン/列車20]]
-[[''Train addons 21''>アドオン/列車21]]
-[[''Train addons 22''>アドオン/列車22]]
-[[''Monorail addons (Double Slope)''>アドオン/緩急坂/モノレール]] monorail
-[[''Monorail addons''>アドオン/monorail]] monorail
-[[''Truck addons 1''>アドオン/自動車]] trucks
-[[''Truck addons 2''>アドオン/自動車2]]
-[[''city car''>アドオン/街の車]] city car
-[[''Ships addons 1''>アドオン/船]] ships
-[[''Ships addons 2''>アドオン/船2]]
-[[''Aircrafts addons''>アドオン/飛行機]] aircrafts
-[[''rail & station add-on (Double Slope) 1''>アドオン/緩急坂/鉄道関連 1]] rail & station
-[[''rail & station add-on (Double Slope) 2''>アドオン/緩急坂/鉄道関連_2]]
-[[''rail & station add-on 1''>アドオン/railtool]] rail & station
-[[''rail & station add-on 2''>アドオン/railtool2]]
-[[''road & stop add-on (Double Slope) 1''>アドオン/緩急坂/道路関連 1]] road & stop
-[[''road & stop add-on (Double Slope) 2''>アドオン/緩急坂/道路関連 2]]
-[[''road & stop add-on''>アドオン/交通施設 2]] road & stop
-[[''Buildings addons 1''>アドオン/建物1]] buildings
-[[''Buildings addons 2''>アドオン/建物2]]
-[[''Buildings addons 3''>アドオン/建物3]]
-[[''Buildings addons 4''>アドオン/建物4]]
-[[''Buildings addons 5''>アドオン/建物5]]
-[[''Other addons''>アドオン/その他]] miscellaneous
-[[''Other addons (Double Slope)''>アドオン/緩急坂/その他]] miscellaneous
***Addon 128 [#g5150fb3]
-[[''(128)Trains 1''>Addon128/Train 1]] for 128x128 pixel tiles
-[[''(128)Trains 2''>Addon128/Train 2]]
-[[''(128)Trains 3''>Addon128/Train 3]]
-[[''(128)Trains 4''>Addon128/Train 4]]
-[[''(128)Trains 5''>Addon128/Train 5]]
-[[''(128)Trains 6''>Addon128/Train 6]]
-[[''(128)Trains 7''>Addon128/Train 7]]
-[[''(128)Trains 8''>Addon128/Train 8]]
-[[''(128)Trains 9''>Addon128/Train 9]]
-[[''(128)Trains 10''>Addon128/Train10]]
-[[''(128)Trains 11''>Addon128/Train11]]
-[[''(128)Trains 12''>Addon128/Train12]]
-[[''(128)Trains 13''>Addon128/Train13]]
-[[''(128)Trains 14''>Addon128/Train14]]
-[[''(128)Trains 15''>Addon128/Train15]]
-[[''(128)Trains 16''>Addon128/Train16]]
-[[''(128)Trains 17''>Addon128/Train17]]
-[[''(128)Trains 18''>Addon128/Train18]]
-[[''(128)Trains 19''>Addon128/Train19]]
-[[''(128)Trains 20''>Addon128/Train20]]
-[[''(128)Trains 21''>Addon128/Train21]]
-[[''(128)Trains 22''>Addon128/Train22]]
-[[''(128)Trains 23''>Addon128/Train23]]
-[[''(128)Trains 24''>Addon128/Train24]]
-[[''(128)Trains 25''>Addon128/Train25]]
-[[''(128)Trains 26''>Addon128/Train26]]
-[[''(128)Trains 27''>Addon128/Train27]]
-[[''(128)Trains 28''>Addon128/Train28]]
-[[''(128)Trucks 1''>Addon128/Trucks]]
-[[''(128)Trucks 2''>Addon128/Trucks2]]
-[[''(128)Aircrafts 1''>Addon128/Aircrafts]]
-[[''(128)Aircrafts 2''>Addon128/Aircrafts 2]]
-[[''(128)Monirail 1''>Addon128/Monorail1]]
-[[''(128)Rail & Station 1 (Half Slope)''>Addon128/HalfSlope/RailTools 1]]
-[[''(128)Rail & Station 2 (Half Slope)''>Addon128/HalfSlope/RailTools 2]]
-[[''(128)Rail & Station 1''>Addon128/RailTools 1]]
-[[''(128)Rail & Station 2''>Addon128/RailTools 2]]
-[[''(128)Rail & Station 3''>Addon128/RailTools 3]]
-[[''(128)Road & Stop (Half Slope)''>Addon128/HalfSlope/RoadTools 1]]
-[[''(128)Road & Stop''>Addon128/RoadTools 1]]
-[[''(128)Monorail & Station (Half Slope)''>Addon128/HalfSlope/MonorailTools 1]]
-[[''(128)Monorail & Station''>Addon128/MonorailTools 1]]
-[[''(128)Buildings 1''>Addon128/Buildings01]]
-[[''(128)Buildings 2''>Addon128/Buildings02]]
-[[''(128)Buildings 3''>Addon128/Buildings03]]
-[[''(128)Buildings 4''>Addon128/Buildings04]]
-[[''(128)City car 1''>Addon128/Citycars 1]]
-[[''(128)Other addons''>Addon128/Others]]
-[[''(128)Other addons (Half Slope)''>Addon128/HalfSlope/Others]]
***Addon 128.Japan [#fabb1123]
-[[''Passenger Car''>Addon128Japan/客車]]
-[[''Freight Car''>Addon128Japan/貨車]]
-[[''Old National Electric Car''>Addon128Japan/旧型国電]]
-[[''National Comuuter Electric Car''>Addon128Japan/通勤形電車]]
-[[''National Suburban Electric Car''>Addon128Japan/近郊形電車]]
-[[''National Express Electric Car''>Addon128Japan/特急形電車#Express]]
-[[''National Limited Express Electric Car''>Addon128Japan/特急形電車#LtdExpress]]
-[[''Utility Electric Car''>Addon128Japan/特急形電車#Baggage]]
-[[''National Diesel Car''>Addon128Japan/気動車]]
-[[''Major Private Railway''>Addon128Japan/大手私鉄]]
-[[''Minor Private Railway''>Addon128Japan/地方私鉄]]
-[[''The Third Sector Railway''>Addon128Japan/第三セクター他]]
-[[''Oversea Railway''>Addon128Japan/第三セクター他#Oversea]]
-[[''Passenger Ship 1''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Passenger/SmoothWater]]
-[[''Passenger Ship 2''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Passenger/Coasting]]
-[[''Passenger Ship 3''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Passenger/OceanGoing]]
-[[''Passenger Ship 4''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Passenger/HighspeedCrafts]]
-[[''Cargo Ship 1''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Cargo/NonInternational]]
-[[''Cargo Ship 2''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Cargo/OceanGoing]]
-[[''Other Ship''>Addon128Japan/Ships/Others]]
***Tools [#g6a61150]
-[[''Tools 1''>Tools/Tools01]]
-[[''Script Tools 1''>スクリプト開発#q6664af6]]
***Other [#b1dad769]
-[[''Heightfield Map''>マップ]] Japan, Europe, North America

// Learn more about [[''Japanese railways''>JapaneseRailways]]?
Learn more about Japanese railways ? (Links to ''Wikipedia'')

-''[[Railway companies in Japan:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_railway_companies_in_Japan]]''
-''[[Japan Railway:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Railway]]''

**Other contents [#eb13eb2c]

Sorry, the pages below are written all in Japanese.

-[[Add-on Development>アドオン開発]]
-[[Japanese Language Text Files>日本語化ファイル]]
-[[Discussion Community Logs>スレッドのまとめ]]
-[[(About this site)>このサイトについて]]
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-I would like to give very many thanks to everyone who helped to make this site accessible to english speaking visitors. And I would also like to send many thanks to the authors of those magnificant images for 128x128 image set. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-01-10 (土) 07:55:43}
--SIZE(12){Thank you very much for your visit and comment, and adding an introduction to the forum page. It's our pleasure to share the resources with foreign people, and we are very happy to hear that some Japanese vehicle paks will be included in the future release (though I'm not a painter). The Japanse Simutrans community seems getting larger, so it must be possible to contribute from many aspects, i think. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){kn};} SIZE(10){2004-01-10 (土) 09:53:13}
-Hi! How do you do? That's all right. Rather, it's a great pleasure for me, that 128x128 image set include my image. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Kikin Sharyo}; SIZE(10){2004-01-10 (土) 21:31:57}
-I'm surprised how quickly are new addons to 128x128 section appearing. And their quality is almost allways perfect, outstanding. It is very nice, that we can now cooperate with Japanese players to make Simutrans better and better. I send many thanks to all contributors! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-01-12 (月) 05:31:00}
-I also think those addons are quite excellent. (I'm not an addon author) I'm very glad Japanese players contribute to Simutrans. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Administrator}; SIZE(10){2004-01-13 (火) 01:17:01}
-EDIT FILE .PAK --  SIZE(10){2004-01-22 (木) 22:26:15}
-Sim Objects 0.1.2 download --  SIZE(10){2004-01-24 (土) 00:49:20}
-Sim Objects 0.1.2 download --  SIZE(10){2004-01-24 (土) 00:49:48}
-Hello! I would like to note, that you can now download beta version of pak128 from http://128.simutrans.com . This set already contains Japan (your's) contributions! (I had to slightly change some trains for the official release. I hope that you will not hate me for doing so.) -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-02-12 (木) 19:47:55}
-Many thanks and good job! Red Shinkansen is very novel for me. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Kikin Sharyo}; SIZE(10){2004-02-12 (木) 20:45:51}
-Thanks Napik for uploading 128 full-set zip version. Now we can install them much easier. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){I-608}; SIZE(10){2004-02-14 (土) 00:57:09}
-Great site :-) -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Markus}; SIZE(10){2004-03-25 (木) 08:13:01}
-I'd like everyone to know that I'm offering free subdomains (with webspace and bandwidth) on simutrans.com for fansites. Although I speak only English (sorry!), the sites would not have to be in English. Strictly for anything SimuTrans related, and strictly free. I can't contribute much to the community, but I can that. You can email postmaster@simutrans.com to request a subdomain... -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Isaac Eiland-Hall}; SIZE(10){2004-03-27 (土) 13:10:23}
-I just wonder, why there are no new posts for 128x128 version of Simutrans. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-05-13 (木) 03:22:05}
-The latest package for 128x128 (DD51) is really excellent! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-07-11 (日) 16:56:08}
-Thank you! :-) -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){haru}; SIZE(10){2004-07-12 (月) 23:17:48}
-Hello! I would like to ask all authors of 128x128 images if they can include their names (rewritten to English) in dat files (if it is possible). I try to collect names of all contributors so players can see who is responsible for all that beuaty. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-08-02 (月) 05:36:22}
-Thank you for connecting.Does it mean that the author's name is included in the name of a vehicle (for example "name=Haru_BR-103")? I think that nobody of this site probably refuses it. And Please do so about my works. PS. I downloaded the new version of pak128. And I'm very glad that the vehicles which I drew are included in it. Thank you Napik!! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Haru}; SIZE(10){2004-08-06 (金) 02:07:04}
-Hello! Actually each vehicle can bear sign of its creator. It can be a name or some nick or what ever. Currently there is nothing like this for Japan vehicles as I have no proper data. But I will gladly correct it. You can see what is in the set now, so please let me know how would you like to name your vehicles (and what are your vehicles). (write to t_kubes [at] yahoo [dot] com) Currently some Japan vehicles have no creator reported as it was written only in Japanese. Please help the players that do not speak English to do so too. Juste drop mail to me for them. I hope that everyone will be honest and will not steal work of others. I will try to chekc it, but my abilities are limited. To older post: curent scheme is this - each image bears authors full name (embeded to image file), currently many Japanese iamges do not have the authors name as I was unable to find English translation of it. I would like to correct it. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Napik (Tomas Kubes)}; SIZE(10){2004-08-11 (水) 06:41:29}
-screenshots --  SIZE(10){2004-09-03 (金) 20:37:20}
-128 --  SIZE(10){2004-10-11 (月) 20:49:56}
-Great site. One thing: new pak names in 7 Bit ASCII only, since SJis does not work on many western system (as Umlaute do not work in japanese). -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){prissi}; SIZE(10){2004-10-12 (火) 06:31:56}
-Just one more thing and this site becomes a Simutrans player's heaven: link "download everything"! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){VS}; SIZE(10){2004-12-30 (木) 05:32:54}
-How about pirate ship for 128? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){rctxtreme}; SIZE(10){2005-03-12 (土) 12:26:29}
-Prissi, can you have trains slow down smoothly?  Some of us think that trains isn't naturally because of their stopping anywhere suddenly. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){kj}; SIZE(10){2005-08-01 (月) 12:26:06}
-In station this is possible. Before signals not easily. Trains check their next square before hop. Only then they find the red signal. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){prissi}; SIZE(10){2005-08-06 (土) 22:51:48}
-In station you can also use a slower track to brake. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){prissi}; SIZE(10){2005-08-06 (土) 23:02:33}
-In station you can also use a slower track to brake. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){prissi}; SIZE(10){2005-08-07 (日) 00:19:03}
-Thx for theese great trains and others. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Andrew Toth from Hungary}; SIZE(10){2005-09-17 (土) 05:54:35}
-We hope to play Simutrans on the Internet. If we can,We will compete or cooperate with some players. I think it suitable that someone freely make a web server to have some people able to play it.Prissi, could you think about this? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){kj}; SIZE(10){2005-09-19 (月) 16:38:06}
-koka --  SIZE(10){2005-09-30 (金) 03:18:23}
-NO? --  SIZE(10){2005-09-30 (金) 16:49:57}
-ありがとう!!  でんしゃだいすき!!  ^^ -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){dannyman}; SIZE(10){2005-10-07 (金) 10:57:58}
-Signal --  SIZE(10){2005-10-16 (日) 19:06:47}
- Bus --  &new{2005-11-18 (金) 19:58:46};
- If the network version ever happens, I will be running a server. Of course, it depends on how many games I am able to run on a single server as to how many games I'll run... But I will be running as many as possible... :-D  -- in other news, I praised you (Japanese Simutrans community) before, but again I'm astonished at the brilliant, unique ideas you are coming up with. Bravo!!! Bravo!! Please don't stop! It's wonderful to see your hard work trickle back to the English Simutrans community. I hope someone shares the praises we say back to you all! Wonderful, brilliant work. I love it when you all push the boundaries (bus terminal, bridge pillars, unusual things that just make Simutrans much better!) -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Isaac.Eiland-Hall}; &new{2005-12-04 (日) 16:21:03};
- I tried out the pak128 monorail these days and are quite impressed. The elevated track works fine and can be niceley combined with railway and bus stations. Hovever there are some points that could be better. At most, the track price is set far too high in my opinion and the player may go bankrupt by building just a short line. Accordung to Alweg and Hitachi monorail tracks are comparatively cheap, even cheaper than normal railway tracks. What is still missing are bridges and the possibility to build tracks over water as with real life monorails. The graphics are made in way that the trains seem to ride on a wide track, but real life monorails ride on narrow concrete beams covered by the lower part of the vehicle. I'm not quite sure if this could be changed due to the way simutrans vehicles go around curves. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){aries}; &new{2006-01-15 (日) 02:44:43};
- Ooops... sorry, I thought the posting didn't work and tried several times. I apologise for the repeat -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){aries}; &new{2006-01-15 (日) 02:57:49};
- In the meantime I learned that the Linimo is a maglev based on layed-off Transrapid patents. (The best place to buy German high technology seems still to be Japan ;-) Well, maglevs rido on wide tracks and track prices are high and I was wrong with my criticism. However, this fine monorail will be favourable with the freeplay option. Best wishes :-) -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){aries}; &new{2006-01-22 (日) 18:12:28};
- A Bug Report on Gyuudon War: the Syo-yu factory could not produce any Syo-yu (after inputting Grains) when using 88.09.1. Resolved after replacing the pak made by the newest makeobj (and the original png and dat). -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){LNBC}; &new{2006-05-06 (土) 21:20:39};
- To LNBC: your report was quoted to the community. Thanks for your bug report. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){coo}; &new{2006-05-15 (月) 23:48:46};
- Could everyone to make different type of aircrafts!  -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){DH}; &new{2006-08-04 (金) 20:47:26};
- Great work you're doing here! Is there any chance your awesome Japanese signals for pak128 will be updated for the newer simutrans versions? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){DirrrtyDirk}; &new{2006-11-17 (金) 03:13:35};
- For DirrrtyDirk, Japanese signal for version 89.02 & upper can download from http://minami-fukuoka.simutrans.net/ --  &new{2006-11-17 (金) 16:12:06};
- Thanks - Domo arigato! (I got that tip in the english forum as well.) -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){DirrrtyDirk}; &new{2006-11-21 (火) 07:08:50};
- Can anyone tell me how to paint beautiful new objects like yourJunbo jets, and many colored ferries I downloaded from your site? Are there any textbooks or websites (in English) that tell you hoqw to do it? Since nmobody here seems interested, I coyuld then do it myself, but I know only some textual programing (Basic, Cobol), and niothing about how to make graphics. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){JackVerheydt}; &new{2007-06-23 (土) 23:12:52};
- Could anyone tell me how to make such beautiful B747 Jumbo jets and ferries like the ones I downloaded from your site? Since nobody here seems interested, I would like to do it myself, but I know onl;y some textual programming (Basic, Cobol), and nothing about programming graphics. Are there websites or textbooks (in English) that teach you how to do it? I would sure like to try, unless you Japanese contributors come up with more airplanes (even if only the B747 and famous ocean liners in national company liveries and colors. They would be terrific for use in the World maps. And can anybody tell me where to get detailed instructions and explanations about the use of Coo's Simuconfig, and what results you get from different values entered? I am using version 7-2, since 7-3 crashes. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){JackVerheydt}; &new{2007-06-23 (土) 23:22:09};
- Hi! On page 128/train7 the file "JRs set.zip" cannot be opened - appears to be damaged. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Visitor}; &new{2007-12-09 (日) 04:00:55};
- To be more precise: the file is there and can be downloaded - but it is emtpy, despite being 248kb big. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Visitor}; &new{2007-12-15 (土) 04:34:51};
- The file is not broken, and I can download it. Try "save as" and rename it before save it, or use another browser. Sorry I don't know this might help or not. --  &new{2007-12-15 (土) 12:51:14};
- Yes, when I renamed it, it worked - I don't understand why, though... Thanks anyway! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Visitor}; &new{2007-12-16 (日) 12:04:00};
- I have a general question: On the left side is an indicator showing when/what pages have been edited/changed/updated, right? Today, e.g. it says Addons128/Train8 & 9. So there is a new item available on page 9 - so far so good. Any chance one can find out what happened on page8? Because all date entries there still show 2007 or even 2006 - was there just a text change then? And if a file had changed - would one notice? And how? Thanks! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){DirrrtyDirk}; &new{2008-01-05 (土) 01:42:33};
- City Limit --  &new{2008-04-14 (月) 20:46:04};
- hong kong --  &new{2008-06-08 (日) 21:57:59};
- hi, i like you website so much that i think i have to praise it. it is so good. i am using pak 128 now, but i like the planes in the pak 64. can you please help me fix it into pak 128 and send it to me (aeroplanesparadise388@hotmail.com) as i don't know how to do. thank you very much....ありがとうございました -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Long TIn}; &new{2008-08-29 (金) 16:46:39};
- Thank you very much! Your addons are really great! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Eric}; &new{2008-09-04 (木) 12:35:10};
- These downloads are wonderful! The graphics are very well detailed.  I'm looking forward to more Pak 128 - Japan addons for the Version 100.0.  Thank you all so much for sharing and also for the English!!  :)  -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Pickles}; &new{2008-12-10 (水) 04:13:01};
- You're below the child really compared with a gathering of an other country. Until when do you keep getting such childish attitude? A gut boils up. --  &new{2009-04-27 (月) 13:41:45};
- Linimo.pak --  &new{2009-08-26 (水) 21:02:59};
- I like it and I want it more. From pak64. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){PlayTrans2009 (On Forum)}; &new{2009-09-13 (日) 13:42:09};
- 私はそれのように、私はそれ以上します。 pak64から。 -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){PlayTrans2009}; &new{2009-09-13 (日) 13:45:12};
- Obrigado !!! Obrigado !!!  Voc醇Ss s醇Io demais, queria agradecer por voc醇Ss sempre atualizarem e materem viva esta fam醇^lia que 醇P simutrans !!!  Sempre visito o site de voc醇Ss e cada vez fico mais maravilhado.  Continuem assim e parab醇Pns !!!  Que addons 128 maravilhosos !!! Voc醇Ss s醇Io artistas !!! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Anderson Vianna - Curitiba/Brasil}; &new{2010-02-01 (月) 20:51:48};
- Obrigado !!! Amigo!! --  &new{2010-02-02 (火) 00:23:12};
- You're are the best !!! --  &new{2010-02-16 (火) 02:09:49};
- You're the best!!! Melhores !!! Muito bons !!! Congratulations !!! Thank's my Friends !!! -- Anderson Vianna - Curitiba/Brasil --  &new{2010-02-16 (火) 02:11:44};
- hospital --  &new{2010-07-16 (金) 15:51:01};
- Wonderful. Good work, Addons perfect and beautiful. Congratulations to the whole team, and wanted to give a special thanks to Zkou 2, Ebi ... Anyway, for all this family Japanese.simutrans. You have a big fan in Brazil. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){A. Vianna-CTBA/BR}; &new{2010-07-26 (月) 21:50:59};
- Hello, friends! I'm visiting again (in fact, I access every day), and as always I am very happy with the ongoing activity of this site. Congratulations! Humbly, I have to say that a link made available to you on my blog in Brazil. And where there are addons, I make sure to publicize and put a link too. The work is getting better. A big hug to everyone! Anderson Vianna-Curitiba, Brazil. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Anderson Vianna}; &new{2010-10-21 (木) 06:22:59};
- amtrak --  &new{2011-04-28 (木) 06:40:43};
- Hello, family Simutrans Japan!  The work called for pak64 tollgate is too ... Is there a way to convert it to Pak128? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Anderson Vianna}; &new{2011-06-27 (月) 21:35:15};
- Hello. I don't know how to convert pak64 addons to pak128. Maybe there's no tool to convert automatically. I think if you have png file, then you can enlarge it (except for icons) and pak again. --  &new{2011-06-29 (水) 23:55:41};
- Ok, I understand. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to do this operation ... -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Anderson Vianna}; &new{2011-06-30 (木) 05:06:32};
- stockholm --  &new{2012-01-06 (金) 21:15:52};
- Hello, I'm trying to get hold of author 555 who made so many graphics. Does anyone know how to contact him? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Toni Babelony}; &new{2012-01-07 (土) 02:31:05};
- Don't bother anymore. It was on copyright issues, since I wanted to use his graphics for a project for OpenTTD, but since I've discovered there are no copyrights on it, I'll use them as they are and properly credit Mr. 555 for it. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Toni Babelony}; &new{2012-01-07 (土) 04:51:45};
- pak128 japan --  &new{2012-02-09 (木) 17:38:55};
- Hello! Every day I visit you, and am very happy with the work, the addons. Finally managed to make an addon, the BRT bus RJ (Transoeste). -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Anderson Vianna}; &new{2012-05-31 (木) 23:54:05};
- Link: http://camisasemanias.blogspot.com.br/2012/05/c-addons-transoeste-rj-pak-128.html (Thank's!!!) ... Thanks, hugs a big fan. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Anderson Vianna}; &new{2012-05-31 (木) 23:55:58};
- airport --  &new{2012-07-15 (日) 01:46:02};
- Hello, I'm here hoping to get some help.I'm playing simutrans with pak128.japan.It seems impossible to connect overhead rail tracks of different heights with rail tools only.Can anyone give me some suggestion?Thanks!!! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){pei yu}; &new{2012-12-16 (日) 22:46:29};
- I use ground tool to change height of track. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){koa}; &new{2012-12-18 (火) 20:38:57};
- That's an idea, can I do this with using rail tools only? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){pei yu}; &new{2012-12-18 (火) 23:32:50};
- Good day Gave it technical problems with the server on the japanese.simutrans.com lies? I could not reach him through Christmas. -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Europe}; &new{2012-12-27 (木) 20:53:08};
- Can someone create the trains on Tsukuba Express for pak128.J apan please... -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){William Chan}; &new{2013-06-04 (火) 22:56:50};
- will we see new aircrafts packs soon ? --  &new{2013-08-08 (木) 00:25:25};
- will we see new aircrafts pack soon as there is no aircraft pack released since longtime ? Thank you -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){bassem Tellawi}; &new{2013-08-08 (木) 00:28:27};
- jpncargo_v03.zip on addons/64/trains_04 is still unavailable,can it be repaired? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){py}; &new{2014-02-16 (日) 16:38:38};
- New version is available!  jpncargo_v04.zip on http://japanese.simutrans.com/index.php?%A5%A2%A5%C9%A5%AA%A5%F3%2F%CE%F3%BC%D610#a04 --  &new{2014-02-17 (月) 21:45:02};
- docs --  &new{2014-07-02 (水) 00:48:22};
- Thank you! Since has been downloaded! -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){Pascallok}; &new{2014-08-02 (土) 21:11:46};
- Hello, the jpncargo_v03.zip of pak 64 is unavaliable, can it be fixed? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){pei yu}; &new{2015-01-29 (木) 19:50:00};
- Would you release the aircraft of pak 128 of cathay pacific airways again? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){alex}; &new{2015-04-07 (火) 02:12:23};
- every addon is welcome ^.^ -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){hihi}; &new{2015-04-11 (土) 16:03:10};
- Under which license do you release your wonderful addons? --  &new{2015-04-27 (月) 01:25:30};
- FEQKNjgwQEnnXEqg -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){evdmpptojm}; &new{2016-04-25 (月) 15:52:42};
- would you make pak64 aircraft of peach aviation? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){alex}; &new{2016-08-29 (月) 14:43:22};
- 画像が正し --  &new{2016-10-03 (月) 18:36:30};
- 画像が正し -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){598}; &new{2016-10-03 (月) 18:36:55};
- Hellow everyone. I'm here to ask for some help on pak64. There seems to be some problems on trains such like JRQ_485set and JNR201set for pak64. The car of these trains in southeast,southwest,northeast or northest direction is overlaped with one next to it. I check the sourcefile and template and find the "lengeh=8" in these directions seemto be about 23pixels long in the game, not 32pixels long as in the template file.I wonder whether I mistake some setting or there is some problem in the pak64 template.Does anybody encounter similar problems or have solutions? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){pei yu}; &new{2016-12-30 (金) 23:40:15};
- Awesome site! Add-ons are such high quality, thank you very much :)  -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){龍}; &new{2017-08-03 (木) 21:22:57};
- Hindi movie free download -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){HINDI MOVIE}; &new{2018-08-12 (日) 11:33:29};
- Amtrak --  &new{2018-09-27 (木) 16:06:55};
- Akita --  &new{2020-01-03 (金) 00:13:12};
- is it possible to make a pak that contains all 128 paks merged into one? -- &color(#000,#FFFACC){L}; &new{2021-09-20 (月) 01:40:32};
- maybe possible --  &new{2021-09-20 (月) 10:58:35};

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